Plant opening Honduras

In June this year Tönnjes opened a production plant for the manufacture of license plates in Honduras. Since then more than half a million plates were produced and delivered. In future the production of license plates with different specifications is planned. 

Port of Hamburg: Access control with the IDePLATE

During the World Ports Conference in Hamburg in June, the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and NXP Semiconductors announced the deployment of smart barriers at the site of HPA. The IDePLATE, with an integrated passive RFID-Chip, is used to control these barriers. The aim is to make the parking access for HPA employees comfortable and safe. For this, a part of the HPA-vehicles will be equipped with IDePLATE's, which communicate with a reader in the barrier. This enables an automated and contact free access - with no additional identification.

Celebrating 25 years of Tönnjes E.A.S.T.

This year Tönnjes E.A.S.T. celebrates its 25th anniversary. Since the establishment of our first joint venture in 1990, much has happened: Nowadays we are working with partners in more than 50 countries around the globe. Today, Tönnjes is the leading provider of security license plates, vehicle registration and identification systems. To protect vehicle registration and identification processes against manipulation, forgery and theft, we are constantly working on the development of customer-specific systems.


NXP announced the introduction of the UCODE DNA, the first UHF tag which combines long-range contactless performance with cryptographic security authentication.  With this development it is no longer necessary to choose between performance and the need for security.

The incorporation of this development within the IDePLATE, enables still more flexibility in license plate authentication and access control.

Membership RAIN RFID

Since the beginning of 2015 Tönnjes is member of the RAIN RFID Alliance.
The RAIN RFID Alliance is hosted by AIM, Inc. a nonprofit organization. RAIN, derived from RA
dio IdentificatioN, promotes awareness, education, and initiatives to accelerate UHF RFID growth and adoption in business and consumer applications worldwide.

Any company or industry association who is a user, manufacturer, industry analyst, or is otherwise invested in the future of UHF RFID products that conform to ISO 18000-63/EPC UHF Gen2 V2 standards is welcome to join RAIN.

More than 2 million IDeSTIX´s for Peru

On January, 1st 2010, a new security license plate system with RFID-based windshieldlabels has been introduced by the Peruvian authority. Since then Tönnjes delivered more than 2 million of these IDeSTIX´s to Peru. During the vehicle registration process, every single vehicle gets such label to reduce misuse of vehicles and license plates. In order to prevent fraud, the labels will automatically destroy themselves when removed. Holographic elements provide further protection against forgery and are ideal for the application as an electronic vehicle registration certificate.

Tönnjes license plates for Pakistan

During 2014, Tönnjes won a 3 year contract for the supply of license plates for the province of Punjab in Pakistan.

As well as the supply of license plates, the order includes production equipment and a customized order management software for the complex local personalization process and related security applications.

Tönnjes Group supports German School in Panama

As a company with partners and projects around the globe, encouraging local development is of huge importance to us. Education is one of the most important assets and that is why we are supporting the establishment of the first German School in Panama. The aim of the project, organized by the Asociation Educativa Colegio Aleman and the governments of Panama and Germany, is to offer a high performance education. With the help of the latest technology and services in education and a trilingual curriculum, the future graduates will have the opportunity to enter the world’s best universities. The Nikolaus Kopernikus German School will be located in Clayton. The admission period for September 2016 has already commenced.

Médecins Sans Frontières – Five years of support

For five years now we have been supporting Médecins Sans Frontières. With monthly donations, we make a contribution to assist them in their work.
As an independent medical relief organisation, Médecins Sans Frontières work on the most basic health care needs and build up a long term medical infrastructure throughout the entire world.
For us, especially as a company operating around the globe, the improvement of conditions in regions of poverty and crisis is of great importance. That is why we will continue with our support in the future.

Tönnjes goes Peru!

After long-term preparations, Tönnjes finally signed the contract for the delivery of license plates and RFID windshieldlabels in Peru in the end of 2009. On January, 1st 2010, the new security license plate system with RFID labels has been introduced by the Peruvian authority. It is the first project ever where a license plate manufacturer implemented the new RFID technology into an official license plate system of a country.

RFID solutions developed by Tönnjes

Technological innovations made by Tönnjes: With the implementation of a passive RFID tag in the vehicle’s aluminium license plate during the manufacturing process, the Tönnjes Group sets global benchmarks in the vehicle identification. The stored data can be retrieved anytime (even in moving traffic) via stationary or mobile readers. Additionally, we relaunched our third license plate (windshield label) with an implemented RFID tag. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.



New License Plate Holder – Tönnjes ‘Pro Secure’ (US-Size)

Since many years, the famous ‘Toennjes Click’ license plate holder for standard single line plates (520 x 110 mm) has been satisfying our customers all over the world. With the new ‘Pro Secure’ Toennjes Click license plate holder, Tönnjes extends its product portfolio and offers a solution for US-sized (300 x 150 mm) license plates. Due to rising security requirements on the world market, the Tönnjes ‘Pro Secure’ is available in two versions: a re-openable model and – to help avoiding manipulation and forgery - a non re-openable one.

Tönnjes receives prolongation for the project “Bolivia”

In 2007, Tönnjes enforced its exploration of the South American continent. After establishing a factory in Panamay, Tönnjes received contract from the Bolivian RUAT (Registro Unico Para La Administracion Tributaria Municipal). This contract contains the production and the supply of finished license plates. In October 2010, a prolongation of the contract has been awarded to Tönnjes for three more years. A reason to be proud because Tönnjes is actually the official producer and supplier of finished license plates in four South American countries (Panama, Peru, Guatemala and Bolivia).

„Médecins Sans Frontières“ – Tönnjes supports Human-Aid organisation

All our activities around the globe - in South America, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific - have one thing in common: we focus on local development and long term improvement. Thus, Tönnjes has become a sponsor of “Médecins Sans Frontières”, an international humanitarian aid organisation that provides emergency medical assistance to populations in danger in more than 70 countries. Your trust and cooperation has made this possible and we will continue to support MSF regularly in the future.

New License Plate contract in Malawi

Our Joint Venture Uniplate Group in South Africa has been awarded the contract for the new Malawi security number plates featuring several security elements such as laser number, hologram and 2D barcode. The new number plates have been introduced in March 2011 and are being manufactured by the Uniplate Group.

Tönnjes introduces transit plates with embedded RFID chip in Perú

After having implemented the holographic Radio Frequency Identification Label as third license plate in Peru in January 2010, Tönnjes recently received an initial order for the supply of the first 3.100 pieces of Radio Frequency Identification Plates (IDePLATES®). These license plates, equipped with an embedded RFID chip, should be used as transit plates within the country.