IDeTRUST® Verification System

Designed for maximum security ...

... with extreme ease of use

Tönnjes, the experts in the field of vehicle identification and registration systems, present a new ground-breaking security solution: the IDeTRUST® Verification System reliably registers and verifies vehicle and vehicle owner information according to highest standards. The option to identify vehicles via smartphone with the IDeTRUST® Verification app is just one of the many features offered. For this, the relevant data are integrated, tamper-proof, into a QR code or chip on the vehicle’s number plate (for example the IDePlate®).

In case of traffic or access controls, the IDeTRUST® Verification app decrypts the data of the QR code or RFID chip and verifies the vehicle details or the vehicle owner data. An Internet connection is only required when installing the app for the first time – thereafter the entire IDeTRUST® Verification System works as an autonomous offline solution, requiring no Internet connection.

The IDeTRUST® Verification System has two separate keys: the Public Key and the Private Key. The Public Key is part of the IDeTRUST® Verification app and is used exclusively for the verification of the individually registered vehicle and vehicle owner data. Changing the data or a new encryption of the data is only possible with the Private Key – only authorised offices issuing vehicle number plates or official vehicle number plate manufacturers are in possession of this key. The two-key technology guarantees a high level of security against fraud and manipulation. 

The IDeTRUST® Verification app can be installed for free on any standard smartphone; therefore it can also be used by commercial users for vehicle verification - for example by parking garage operators, car pools or petrol stations.

Download IDeTRUST® Verification System Flyer